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Eco Marine Walker Bay Big 5

Eco Marine Walker Bay Big 5

Join the Ivanhoe team for a 2 hour trip from the harbor of Gansbaai and discover the site where the famous British iron paddle-wheel frigate HMS Birkenhead, weighing 1400 tons, was tragically lost off Danger Point. En-route you may catch sight of Walker bays big 5!

Brydes Whale


Cape Fur Seals

African Penguins

Marine Birds

The name Danger Point says it all. This beautiful but treacherous peninsula on the southern point of Walker Bay was already as early as 16 May 1488 dubbed Ponte de Sao Brandao by Bartholomew Dias and his expedition, referring to the many reefs and rocks under the surface that made it one of the most dangerous sea routes in the world in those years. Few other coasts boast the dubious reputation for being the final resting place of many ships and the place where the Flying Dutchman was spotted the first time. Today, the 18,3 m tall octagonal lighthouse with its revolving electrical light emitting three flashes every 40 seconds, serves as a powerful warning and commemoration to the thousands of lives claimed by this stretch of sea over the centuries.

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Danger Point

Angry Sea off Danger Point

Some ships wreck without a trace and are quickly forgotten; nobody talks or writes about them; just another blank spot in history. Other ships go down and are world news the next day. Geographical spots are named after them and they stay in the collective mind forever. Nearby Waenhuiskrans, a fishing village on a secluded small bay, to the east of Danger Point, is now know as Arniston, after the Arniston that wrecked there in 19th century. The HMT Birkenhead is another ship that lives on in the minds of people. She struck a rock, 1 km out in sea from Danger Point. The fact that the rock was later named after the unfortunate ship, is only a very modest tribute: it is a submerged rock and its presence can only be noticed from shore by the waves that break over it.

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HMS Birkenhead

Selection of Food Platters - Private Charters

The Birkenhead has secured a place in history due to the gallantry of her men, who in the face of danger allowed the woman and children to escape in the boats before trying to save themselves.

The Birkenhead Drill - Woman and Children First.

What you should bring:

Warm clothes (even in warm weather). Cap/Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Camera, Video Camera, Binoculars, ect.

What you can expect to see

  • Danger Point
  • Where HMS Birkenhead went down
  • Marine Mammals
  • Marine Birdlife

You may also see

  • Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals
  • Bryde's & Humpback Whales
  • Minke & False Killer Whales
  • Sharks & The African Penguin